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Erika Rydberg

Plymouth State University/USNH
Educational Technologist
Concord, NH
Pressbook for 2020 - https://using-pressbooks.press.plymouth.edu/
Hello Colleagues,
I am Erika Rydberg. I am a perpetual student (MA, MBA), a TL, and most importantly an educational technologist. I operate, teach and spend a lot of time learning about: laser cutters, 3D Printing, Large Format Printing, Communications and Business Studies, Technology Assistance - DOoO, Pressbooks, Wordpress Lamson Open Labs, 3D modeling, video, audio, podcasts, LMS systems, Zoom, IT things.
I am interested in innovation, leadership, and communications.
My favorite things: cats, chickens ( see flythecoop.erikarydberg.com for more on that), website building, roller derby, tennis, skiing/snowboarding, hiking and tea.